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Everything You Want To Know About Online Education


Online learning has become the new norm, as it lets you adapt to your own timing and convenience. It also allows you to learn from anywhere and at any time. And now that the coronavirus has made us lock ourselves in our homes, online learning has become more critical than ever. 




Who is this book for?


  • Homeschool Parents
  • Degree-Seeking Candidates
  • High School Students
  • Teachers
  • School Administrators


Online Education Explained


  • How to Find Online Tutoring Providers
  • Homeschooling and Online Tutoring
  • Managing Online Education Expectations
  • Advantages of Online Tutoring for College Students
  • Choosing the Best From The Range of Online Degrees
  • The Quest for Finding The Perfect Online Degree
  • The Employer's Perception Of An Online Degree
  • Studying Abroad Online
  • Differences Between Email Online Tutoring and Live Tutoring
  • Online Education - A Boon For Army Personnel
  • A Guide To Your Online Education In Law
  • Online Tutoring: Two Advanced Processes Used
  • ....and more!


An online course requires just as much work as an on-ground format, and the amount of time you dedicate is also about the same. However, the online format—just as a virtual workplace—affords you more flexibility. As long as you meet your deadlines and communicate with your instructor and peers, it doesn’t matter where or when you fulfill the requirements.



Seven Benefits of Online Learning


  • Learn Flexibility
  • Practice Management Skills
  • Demonstrate Self-Motivation
  • Improve Communication and Collaboration
  • Broaden Global Perspective
  • Refine Critical-thinking Skills
  • Learn New Technical Skills


There are many advantages to online courses; they allow you to learn whenever, wherever, and however works best for you, making it easier to earn a degree while balancing work and family commitments. And without having to attend classes in person, online learning affords you access to top degree programs across the country that might have otherwise been inaccessible or highly inconvenient.


Online classes can present unique challenges, however, if you’re not prepared. But if you develop skills for effective online learning, you’ll find the courses can be an excellent alternative to a traditional classroom setting. Here are some tips for online learning success to make sure you get the most value out of your next class.


Online Education Explained 


150 Tech Tips for Online Learning - On Bookshelves now!

Tips For Taking Online Classes (Coming Soon)




Tom Songer M. Ed. CI

Homeschool Professor

WorldTeachESL 2022

Online Education Explained

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