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Classroom Management


16 Pages with over 40 call-to-action activities filled with fun games to use in your classroom. Your students will be asking for more! Also, check out my free resource, i.e., a must if teaching English for the first time... ESL FUN (12 classroom games and activities) (Updated 2021)


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New or veteran teachers, this book is a sure bet to keep your students happy all year round. These are the basics for teaching and subject especially English as a Secondary Language. It's when I ran out of ideas I always turned to these 12 basic fundamental activities. Check out this book "Role Call" for an in-depth of how the game Role Call works in detail. It will light up your room. Students of all ages want to be challenged, so keep them busy with these fun-filled activities.


Need more? Check out 30 Tools to enhancing Your Courses. Packed with links to websites for making presentations, graphs, blending, screening, polling, timeline, infographics, curation, communication tool and so much more.


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"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - ALBERT EINSTEIN


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Classroom Management "Role Call" Over 40 Call-To-Action Activities

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