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JubileeProject “World Without Teachers” YouTube Video Published May 21, 2015

Without teachers, life would have no class…can you only imagine? So this year I would like to help all the teachers know that they matter. But why wait until October 5th for International Teachers day? This campaign has the ability to reach over 20 million teachers worldwide. All we have to do is copy and paste your favorite tweet to show you care.

Every Child Needs a Teacher

Last week, Global Campaign for Education and Education International launched the new campaign “Every Child Needs a Teacher,” in New York last week during the United National General Assembly. It both highlights the need for teachers worldwide and supportive networks that both prepare and develop them throughout their career.

International Teachers’ Day is Thursday, October 5, 2017! Show your support for the great teachers you had growing up by sharing your story on Twitter.

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Tweet: Kids don’t gravitate to subjects. They gravitate to teachers. #TeachersMatter @SteeleThoughts

Tweet: Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children #TeachersMatter @NCYI

Tweet: They want each child to succeed. #TeachersMatter @WorldTeachESL

Tweet: Because they are multipliers– every good teacher benefits an entire class, year after year. #TeachersMatter @WorldTeachESL

Tweet: One of the most important professions in the world is also one of the least appreciated. #TeachersMatter @WorldTeachESL

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