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Teaching Online

Technology is replacing blackboards!?

Online classes are here to stay and the vast majority of schools and training centers have moved across to one of the many online class platforms available. But how do you actually teach an online class?

Check out our easy-to-follow 12 step guide for a 30 to 60 minute online class. Each lesson designed to fit the student. All ages welcomed.

Step 1

Greetings and warm up. (3 Minutes)

Stand up and do some movement. Flex the tongue : ) ~ This attracts attention and curiosity. I enjoy mimicking one another or a fun, warm up song or activity helps the student recognise and prepares them for the beginning of class.

Step 2

Review previous content. (3-4 Minutes)

Use a simple review of flashcards or previous worksheets. Or simply ask students to give you examples of your previous topic or homework.

Step 3

Tell me a joke. Or sing a song (3-4 minutes)

Every class my students are required to bring a new joke to class related to the content. Or we sing it with the student. For toddlers we stand up or incorporate some actions, to encourage students to follow along. This helps keep the blood flowing. Also keeps the student active and engaged and focused on the lesson and not what’s happening in their home environment.

Step 4

Introduce new content. (5 Minutes)

Show each flashcard, PowerPoint, or object one at a time, say the word clearly. We use Skype so we can share our screens easily. and is clearly visible. We model the vocabulary once and ask for a description later of the object. Example: “this is a watch…it tells us the time…?

Step 5

Play a game (5 Minutes)

We relate new material with games, activities, or dialogue. Games such as What’s Missing or Flashcard Drill are easy and simple to play in an online class. Depending on the age of the student games, e.g., Jeopardy, Battleship, Fix & Mix, etc.

Step 6

Read a short story (4-5 Minutes)

Listening is related to the content. Most textbooks have a topic related short story included. Ask questions about the short story. We have students tell us what they can see in the pictures, hear sounds, see if they can identify any of the new content within the story. Always checking for comprehension.

Step 7

Draw (2-3 Minutes)

Everyone likes to draw. Needs to be something related to the new content on the board. Then they are asked to describe the picture. Ask students to identify it. Write the word next to it. Ask students to make their own drawing and write the word next to their picture.

Step 8

Play a game (3-4 Minutes)

Blending with both the new and old content is essential. We can make sentences using word cards or play a game that encourages talking.

Step 9

Play (2 Minutes)

We prepare some objects related to the content or pop up pictures on the screen. Explain that you are going to reach inside or see them pop up and describe what you feel and students need to guess what the object is. Using vocabulary from previous steps or lessons.

PowerPoint Presentation Grammar

Step 10

Play (3-4 Minutes)

Finally students find one of the objects from the content in their home and show it to you. Have them describe the object. Prompt with the descriptions that you used in previous steps. Using complete sentence with adjectives are the key!

“The big, black watch says its half passed four o’clock”

Review Preposition

Step 11


Summarize the class and review the new words. Assign some homework. Homework could include drawing a picture of each of the new words, finding an item in their home or singing the song. If you are using a textbook, assign review pages or homework from the workbook.

Step 12

Follow up.

This is an important step. Send a breakdown of the new content from this class, including any songs or stories. Confirm homework. If you are using a textbook, confirm homework pages or pages from the workbook.

Sentence Structure Complete Sentences

Online teaching, like starting school for the first time, is a learning experience for students. The above outline is just that, an outline.

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