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Sun Art

This is a craft where the sun will do most of the work. You will need to find the sunniest spot in your house or yard and it will take some time ñ at least three hours of full sunlight. You will need brightly colored construction paper and various shaped objects.

Lay the piece of paper in the sunny location first and then place the objects on the page. Be sure to leave space around each object, they should not be touching. Items such as leaves, coins, utensils, or anything else with an interesting shape can be used. Then you have to wait, but it will be worth it.

After a period of time, the sun will fade the paper that is not covered by the objects that

were place on it. When you take the shapes off you will have made a picture with the

sun. To make it more interesting you can use different shapes or objects to create a

picture or a scene instead of only trying to get shapes. Good materials to use for making

a sun picture are different shapes of pasta, string, and other household items such as

cotton swabs and cotton balls.

It is best to use a bright colored piece of paper or this craft will not work properly. The

quality of paper used should not be poster board. The poster board or similar paper will

still fade but it will take longer (maybe more than one day in the sun) to get the desired


Be careful with the finished artwork. If you hang them up in a sunny spot in the house,

the sun may continue to work on the paper and fade away the hard work that was put into

the craft. The best way to preserve it is to tuck it away in a scrapbook or art folder.

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