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It's a Circus

The idea of a circus can make a child's eyes light up. If there isnít one coming to your

town or city this summer help the kids put on one of their own. You can be the ring

master and invite over friends and family to watch the finished production.

Depending on how many children are participating some kids may have to perform in

more than one act. Find out what each child wants to be and try to find a way to include

all of their talents.

Older children may like to take on the challenge of learning how to juggle before the big

show. So now one gets hurt (including the audience) use tissues or kerchiefs for a

beginning juggler.

An acrobat can use a log or long piece of 2 X 4 to showcase their balancing skills as they

cross the high wire ñ with no net. This might be a popular one, let all the practicing

acrobats participate.

If your family owns a well-trained dog, recruit the family pet to be a lion and have one of

the kids be a lion-tamer. If there are no animals to use for this, convince one of the

children that they can be the lion. You canít have a circus without a lion and a lion


Another popular act at the circus is the clowns. Let your clowns dress up and create their

act by themselves so it is a surprise for everyone. As the ringmaster, try and be as

authentic as possible and introduce each performer as grandiosely as possible. You will

know you are doing a good job by the number of giggle you elicit as you announce the

children's names. Don't forget the popcorn and peanuts for the audience to munch on as

they watch the show.

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