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Indoor Kids Games from Outdoor Games

Prolonged rainy days surely would give your children unnecessary cabin fever. Being confined to the house or the room for a few days, many parents have learned to organize instant games to keep their children in company during those boring days. Naturally, kids love the outdoors but because the weather is uncooperative, it is best to organize indoor kids' games that children would surely rave about. Are your children bored and tired of playing those usual board games and puzzles? It is time to convert several outdoor games into indoor activities.

Children would surely love it if they would be given the opportunity to play outdoor games while inside the house. Tag is one of the common outdoor games that could be easily facilitated indoors. Move several indoor furniture aside to give way to more movements. Children would need to chase each other in and around the house. As they chase each other, they would put those they capture in a tent. Other children would try to release captured children. It could be very fun and sweaty. Make sure the indoor area is wide and spacious enough for the activity. All possible causes of indoor accidents should be set aside.

An indoor scavenger hunt would be equally fun and exciting.

Do you need ideas for the game? Here are some: ask for something that is green, that ties, that is fuzzy, that has a face, that is soft, and so on. Whoever among the children would be able to find the items asked for would score points. Whoever does so at the quickest time would qualify to win prizes. As you organize the event, make sure you promote and foster sportsmanship. Do not forget to ask the children to clean up and fix their mess.

How about indoor relay races?

Again, if there is a spacious room in the house, the activity would be possible. Divide the children into teams. You could start by making piles of momís and dadís clothes. Assign the teams into piling mom or dadís clothing. The team that could pile up higher clothes at the quickest possible time wins. The items could include shirts, pants, socks, and other personal clothes. It would be fun seeing the kids dig through piles of clothes. Observe and see how you and the children would experience unadulterated and thrilling fun.

Do you want to enjoy hide and seek?

Of course, the game is possible. In all of the outdoor sports that could be converted into indoor kidsí games, hide and seek is the one that could be facilitated and played even if there is not much space in a room for movements and running. There is no need to set aside furniture. In fact, they could be used as items where children could hide. You as a parent or a facilitator could opt to join the game. Hide and seek could be played more enjoyably during idle hours or when there is not much enough light in a room.

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