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How Home School is Changing Public Education

In this time when the world is battling the coronavirus COVID19, there is one topic that isn’t frequently talked about and addressed. This would be homeschooling. Homeschooling has undoubtedly become the new normal for many children, especially those that were in countries first hit. In this article, we’ll be taking deep dive into this topic and finding out how it is changing public education as we know it.

A crucial question that we need to ask first changes. What kind of big changes will affect our daily way of life? For parents, unless you have some extensive knowledge about the subjects, you would have quite a hard time teaching them to your son or daughter. This problem was fixed by many schools and institutions while others were left with an inefficient way of dealing with it. Some schools implemented a home-based learning curriculum that formulates the lesson plans and assessments.

From here, students would access a secure school platform online where teachers can post these assessments. However, in other schools, this is non-existent. This would be one of the downsides to homeschooling children. When we emerge once this pandemic is over, education would be much different compared to before. At this point, it is still hard to visualise how the world would function in the aftermath stage and it’s even harder to think how education would function. A very likely outcome would be a mix of homeschool and physical school. The next pandemic would arrive sometime soon and we would not want to be caught off-guard again.

It’s best to familiarise ourselves with how it is all going to play out so that students, teachers, and parents are physically and mentally prepared. When we are more familiar, there wouldn’t be such a drastic change. As more and more people become used to homeschooling, life will get much easier. This especially applies to parents. Schools will start to integrate these into their system so that it would become a regular thing. Homeschooling a country, a state or as large as a nation would be a challenge and close to impossible. The children and families that aren’t connected to the internet and aren’t tech-savvy would be impacted the most.

In the USA, homeschooling is messy and uncontrolled. Schools that weren’t prepared for this abrupt shutdown were forced to deal with what they got. What schools got are parents. Schools entrust them to wake up their children, complete the work assigned and many more. Half of the time, parents don’t even know what they’re teaching their children and many abandon the plan after a few weeks. Many would give up due to the tiring procedure of doing it and we can’t blame them because this isn't their job. The job of a teacher to educate and nurture students, not to give reminders to parents every few minutes to remind their children to complete their Maths homework. Schedules are a great way to keep on track with lessons, daily tasks, homework and more! Download a sample homeschool schedule here.

One thing that parents are most capable of is the psychological aspect of it. The job of a parent in this time and age is to help children create regular routines and study habits. The role of the parent is to kickstart the entire process. Once this is done, the child will take care of the rest. When we follow this model, homeschooling becomes much easier for the parent as learning is self-directed. When said to do something, the child would immediately get to work. Homeschooling has generally become a big thing. Results have shown that the number of children being homeschooled is steadily increasing.

Whether you are looking for an easier way to homeschool your child or if you are thinking of taking up homeschooling full-time, Home School Professor is a definite must. We are experts in homeschool curricula and can help you homeschool your child. Now, the question would be how?

Well, Home School Professor does not only help you with your curriculum, but they also help you with other issues. This includes creating curriculum plans, comprehensible feedback for assessments, lessons for your children and even consulting. How many times have you gotten a lesson plan but end up not knowing how to use it? With them, all of these problems disappear because they follow up with you through the whole process. This means that you regularly get plans, advice, and feedback on how to better educate your children. They support you throughout the journey and they make sure that you get the most out of their resources. This helps to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their plans.

Once you receive their plans, they also teach you how to set it up with zoom conferencing. The resources that they provide are useful and intelligent. Home School Professor understands that not all children work at the same pace. Some could move faster and some could require special attention to certain parts. This is why they customize the curriculum and instructions.

Conclusion The coronavirus has impacted the education industry and many schools were unprepared. Enormous changes would have to be made when the pandemic is over. If you are experiencing difficulty teaching your child or if you are thinking of homeschooling full-time, consider Home School Professor as your #1 choice. Stay safe!

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