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Hello Class!

A story of a mans first week of teaching in China! Awesome stuff!

Hello Class!

Those the two words are how I start every class. The usual response is “Hello Mr. Josh,” to which I ask the class how they are. Some students reply with “I am fine sangk you, anda you?” and some with “I am very happy” as they pull the sides of their mouths up into a smile. Although it’s only been a week thus far, every time they reply with their mouths pulled up I can’t help but smile as well.

Here in China, students seem to be conditioned to respond in unison to certain phrases and commands including those in English mentioned above. Depending on the student, these basic greetings and replies are the extent of the English that they can put into phrases. Some students are extremely impressive while others look at me blankly until my teaching assistant translates for me and the light bulb inside lights…

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