First Stop Shenzhen China

All the destinations in the world to teach, the most interesting to me are Asia, South Pacific and South America. Three countries that are exploding with opportunity for economic growth and diversity. These countries goverments are open to new opportunities and opening doors to young minds, by offering English as a second language. Providing English classrooms that did not exist a century ago.

First stop will be Asia, South central China in Shenzhen. A major city in Guangdong Province known for its economical growth and the nineth largest populated city in the mainland. The fastest growing city in China and cleanest of all of the cities in that region. Due to hard work this city is now a hub for manufacturing cell phones, ipod’s and smart phones.


Shenzhen started out as a small fishing village, but since the designation as  ‘Speciale Economische Zone (SEZ)’ by Deng Xiaopin in 1980, Shenzhen has expanded and grown to the current modern world city. Shenzhen streches from West to East and can be divided into several districts. In the west is Bao’an district, next to the east Nanshan. Part of Nanshan is called Shekou and many foreigners traditionally live there.

More central you will get Futian and Luohu district. Even further eastwards we get the small district Yantian and the big district Longgang. The three districts Nanshan, Futian and Luohu form the heart of Shenzhen but the government of Shenzhen is putting greater emphasis on the development of other districts such as Bao’an. Where I will teach will all depend on the school I get accepted at….resumes are flying out.

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