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Absolutely Genius!

Locked Shopping Carts

One Yuan Please

When shopping in China’s malls, shops, or grocery stores it will cost to roam the isles. The cart is to carry food, children and merchandise. But the isles are too congested for everyone so they placed a teaser tariff on the shoppers.

Don’t worry, you get it back!

After shopping, checking out, and returning the cart you get your money back. The trick is to remind everyone not to waste your resources. Everyone in China has a coin or two in their purse. However, many decide not to use it and opt for the basket instead. Many of the shoppers use the baskets to pull and push their children around the store.

Everyone Gets a Cart

If you can’t afford a cart one will be provided. The coin-a-cart system is not to punish but reward, no matter who you are. So remember, if you forget your coin at home wait for one to return and give the customer a paper Yuan instead.

Paper Bags Cost Too!

Don’t be scared but bring a coin or two for plastic bags. One bag cost a half a Yuan.

100 Yuan = $15 USD Get over it!

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