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A Space of their Own

For studying, reading or just for some downtime create a space where your child can go

during the summer or after school starts to call their own. Let them help you create the

space so it has what they need and are comfortable there.

A desk for your child or a work table can be a place to do their homework, crafts, or keep

their collection. Communicate with your child what they would like to do in their work

space and try to incorporate as many elements as you can into their space.

A quiet space is ideal, whether it be in their room or maybe a corner of the home office.

But it should be away from the TV and other distractions like a telephone. Some things

you may want to consider adding or providing:

* Shelves for books

* Pencil/pen holder

* A cork board and/or whiteboard for posting assignments

* A calendar for marking down events or due dates

* Comfortable chair

* A lamp or other adequate light source

Consider setting up an office or desk space for your child an investment in their future.

They will have a sense of pride over their desk and a place that isnít cluttered or loud to

concentrate on their work.

As your child gets older, esthetics are going to become more and more important.

Understanding this will help down the road. Just like parents feel better when they have

things in their home that they like, a child needs the same sense of pride and ownership.

Chances are your child is going to need a computer to complete their homework as they

get older. If they have one of their own they donít have to book computer time against

you or siblings. Another good investment.

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