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3 Crazy Habits of the Chinese

Copyrighted © 2017 Thomas Songer

Some would look at the Chinese as bizarre, childish, different, or funny but they aren’t quiet about it. Habits of the Chinese are strange, but it is impossible to ignore their odd behavior! First, you wrinkle your nose, then you understand the hidden meaning of their traditions and culture, and in less than 30 days spent in China, you behave just like a common Chinese.


Chinese Spit?

While walking, standing or riding on a bike, spitting is common – without a blink of an eye. From bars to shopping centers it as natural as taking a breathe of air. And if your lucky they will have a spittoon nearby. It’s nothing new, clearing their nose and throat is part of their culture. Of course, the farther in land you travel, the longer the spit flies.


Napping is common!

The Chinese are known to work at high levels which require naps during the day. If you travel the subway, many will be taking a ten or fifteen minute nap between stops. You might also find the Chinese in airports, restuarants or shopping centers with their heads tilted as they catch a few z’s before continuing on their way. A tradition or a learned behavior, either way its tradition to restoring energy to continue to study or work. Take note, the Chinese are smart for a reason.


There is no personal space

When it comes to noise or personal space you better make room. There really isn;t any room for queit conversations or an inch on the sidewalks. If you visit China be prepared to hug your neighbor eye to eye as you negotiate, wait for transportation or cross the street. Best way to describe the feel is living on an ant farm.


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