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Will Be Missed

You don’t know until it’s gone; how much you love or have been loved.

Settle into the culture makes it all better. Don’t fight it.

Over the past few months my students have made certain that I feel valued and loved, they have thrown parties, brought treats, serenaded me with song, and giving speeches, written encouraging notes, and presented me with heartfelt gifts, Teachers have commended that they have never seen students expressed their gratitude in these ways. We have shared tears they have begged me to stay. The teacher who shares my room asked what do I do to these kids to make them react this way.

A requirement of being a non-traditional teacher is to discover new territory and try unfamiliar pathways For the first few years of my teaching career I tried to mimic what I had observed. I felt into a cadence In some units repeated the same activities each year with little variation after witnessing at another school classroom. I was inspired to completely change my craft I wanted you to experience the joy. So I ask questions of my students; honestly I didn’t trust that i knew what was best for the classroom. One day I realized that I wasn’t walking the talk. We may not always agree but I believe we always compromised.

Student will tell you what they want, all we have to do is listen.

Refection on previous lessons is by far the most important thing I did as a teacher. If one thing wasn’t working I would ask why or how I can change it. If the students weren’t learning I would ask the same. Bringing joy into the classroom is my specialty.

Teacher will show you if you doing a good job not through action but praise.

I will miss the smiles at the door, the fist bumps in the hallways, and the conversations during class. I wish the boys and girls in tenth grade at Futian HS all the very best. To the teachers and staff of Futian HS thank you for welcoming me into your home. The past four months have been the best experience a teacher could ever hope for in their lifetime. 再见 Tom

Respect your students by greeting them everyday!

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