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The Secret vs Passion

While I’m not fundraising for my cause I am either helping others fulfill a need. Whether its helping out with broker price opinions for banks, having coffee with friends, coaching, blogging or working at a local pharmacy to increase their customer base. The deeds are unconditional and not to inflate ego.  “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu. You see the things I do today all help people to be better and/or inspire to be great. I find it to be rewarding to see others happy and get where they want to go. The law of attraction as I see it. Or as some call it “The Secret”.


About 4 years ago my life started all over again. I was given a glimpse of a great secret. Started focusing on the solution rather than the problem. That’s when things started to turn for the better. But not until I started helping others did this work. Great things started to come. New wealth, happiness and passion. Healing started and clarity began  The Secret by Hulu (movie).


The passion for prosperity is different for everyone. But one thing remains the same. The law of attraction. The images that you hold in your mind that you are attracted to are designed to come to you. Thoughts become things! Thoughts become reality. So helping others achieve the things they want help me become a better person. Genie said to Aladdin, “your wish is my command”.


How To Measure The Future

If I feel good then I think what am I doing to create that.

  1. Love

  2. Positive thoughts

If I am felling bad then what am I doing to make this happen

  1. Negative thoughts

  2. Angry and fear

The Shift Of Your Awareness

What you think become actions and those manifest into what you get. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu. What you complain about is going to become negative. What you praise is going to become positive. Stubbing your toe in the morning can be a blessing or start the down hill spiral of a bad day. You can turn it around and focus on what you want with passion. Audio, visual, friends, reading, dressing better, exercise or as simple as being proud of who you are (comes in time). Being proud of who you are is all about the folks around you. You are the product of your environment. Choose wisely.

  1. Add another thing to your dream board

  2. Exercise

  3. Read something positive

  4. Listen to positive music

  5. Say affirmations to yourself

  6. Help someone achieve something (inspire)

Your are the Michael Angelo of your life.

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