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Home is everywhere I turn. I took no time to buy my “white” Starbucks card ($18 USD) to begin earning points.

After my cup of “Joe” i took care of a few errands. (No fee day 😎)

  1. Bank Card (free)

  2. Subway Card ($20 deposit)

  3. MoBike Card (free)

  4. WeChat Account (free)

Going to the gym today 😍

Thank goodness for my colleague, friend and personal translator Evey – from Boston Ivy Education. After four hours of registering my identity and cards with China I was now capable to venture off on my own.

The Chinese love shopping! Four floors high and over 250 stores long I ran into my first Chinese moment. The McWing ($1.00 USD)

3 hours of window shopping I started to walk back home and got lost (2.5 Miles) Here are a few of the sites I saw on my way back.

Finally tired of all the walking today I decided to stop for a late night snack. I’m glad I did. Tiny mom and pop Chinese place. Packed with a line out the door. It took me 20 minutes to place my order. I pointed to two pictures on the menu and showed my thumb to the door. Here’s what I got for six dollars to go!!!

I’ll try to post some more pictures later this week.

Wǎnshàng hǎo

Good Evening!


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