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Join A Sports Team

Kids love to play with other kids. Joining a sports team will give them the opportunity to

play with other kids, learn the rules of a sport, and have some structured play time. All of

this while giving mom and dad a break.

There are sports camps and teams that children can join when they are as young as three

years old. The age and type of sport they join will dictate the time commitment needed

and the cost.

Have a discussion with your older children about what kind of sports they are interested

in and what is available. Find out if they want to play on a team or if they would prefer

to play a game that they are on their own.

Summer sports played in teams:

* Baseball

* Soccer

* Lacrosse

Summer sports played individually or in pairs:

* Tennis

* Swimming

* Track and Field

* Golf

Being active and having fun should be the goal of any sport your child chooses. Make

them give it a chance but if they arenít having fun try and find something where they


If joining a sports team is too expensive or the availability isnít there, consider starting a

sports day or night in the neighborhood. Talk to some other parents and go to a local

park or a volunteerís backyard to let the kids play. You can set-up official teams or be

more casual and let the kids have fun while learning the rules of the game. With this

option, you can choose a different for each week of the summer or rotate between a few


Not all kids are into sports, so donít push it. Some kids can be just as happy to come

along and be the cheerleaders, join them and think up some fun cheers to encourage all of

the players.

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