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HomeSchool Professor Podcast

Welcome to the “Homeschool Professor” podcast with author, curriculum designer and instructor Thomas Songer. A show that talks all about homeschooling! Join his special guests every weekend morning for 30 minutes when they discuss the strategies, challenges, and success stories about creating the next generation of free thinking, confident, and innovative leaders. If you’re new or a veteran to homeschooling, you’re in the right place. Toms’ passionate about empowering powerful change in homeschool education, community and beyond. The Homeschool Professor podcast is filled with inspiring stories, tips and plenty of laughs along the way from former homeschooling parents around the world. Get ready to create a difference, stick around and follow along on this magical journey. #podcast #homeschool

Episode One

Welcome to the “Homeschool Professor” with special guest Dr. Joe Angley.

Dr. Angley is a proud parent of three boys and professor at a local college.

In episode one we talk about the importance of using authentic assessments at home with online curriculum. We dive deep into the importance of using rubrics, active learning (authentic assessments), and tools to improve student participation online.

Show Host: “Welcome to the show Dr. Angley”

Scott Reece: “Thank you for having me on the show.”

Show Host: "My very first guess and mentor, Dr. Joe Angley thank you for coming onto the show. You were the person who inspired and encouraged me to get into education and bring HomeSchool Professor to life. I just had to bring your experience and story online for all to hear. We are talking today about the importance of using authentic assessments at home. Welcome Joe!"

"In the next episode, we're going continue interviewing parents and educators about homeschooling. Wish you could be featured on a future episode of "Homeschool “Professor? You can! Just click on the link in the show notes to submit your application." Email me today!

Episode Two

Episode two talks about the importance of project-based learning activity using Minecraft at home. Scott talks about how Minecraft allows students to build, participate, and evaluate project-based learning activities at home to teach and access curriculum expectations, while promoting motivation and engagement. 

Show Host: “Welcome to the show Scott”

Scott Reece: “Great to be here”

Show Host: “Now I saw you online and was blown away by your presentation and ideas on project-based activities and how they had an affect on your children as well as your students in class. I told you I just had to get you on the show to share those insights with my audience so they can understand the benefits of allowing gamification while learning from home.

Like what you hear so far? Make sure you never miss a show by clicking the “subscribe” button now. This podcast is made possible by listeners like you – thank you for your support. Now back to the show!

Want a free guide to secrets of Authentic Assessments? Over 30 Tools for Enhancing Lessons | Technology Curriculum Development Head on over to my store and download it today! Click here!

I really wanted to start this podcast for a few reasons… I hope you’ll follow along on this journey. Our next episode will be up in the last part of August of 2020, but you can subscribe right now in Apple Podcasts, Alexa, my website or your favorite podcast app to be notified as soon as it’s ready - just search “Homeschool Professor”. You can also join our email list at to know when new episodes are available. Happy podcasting for now.”

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