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Show Parents How To Teach A Home Schooled Child All Of The Basics As Well A How To Excel In All Areas Of Learning.

They Will Love You For It!

If you’re reading this letter, I know that you have at least a small interest in helping parents help their children keep up. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Millions of teachers are pitching in and doing it and the numbers grow every day. The world has become a bit of a scary place these days, and not all of us are comfortable with sending our baby out into that world alone.

The recent COVID-19 has everyone bunkered into their homes. So here is where teachers come in and be the hero.

  1. National Studies show that 49 percent of schools report some type of crime involving theft, vandalism or physical threats.

  2. There are 100 times more guns in the hands of American schoolchildren than is reported.

  3. Students age 12 to 18 were victims of 2.7 million total crimes while at school.

  4. Over 3,000 students were expelled from school in the year 2000 for bringing a firearm to school.

All I have to do is mention Columbine, Colorado, and you know what school violence can do. Also the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19

It’s shocking and very, very scary for everyone. What are equally as disturbing are the test scores that our children are getting on standardized tests. No Child Left Behind provided for testing all children to determine their academic performance and insure that all had been given a quality education. But all this can stop today if we help parents become actively involved.

The results have been disappointing. In math, our students are performing at just 3% of the world average for the same age students. In English, that percentage jumps a little, but only to 7%. Children in other countries are getting better educations than our own kids, and that will eventually hurt us globally.

These are just two reasons people cite for choosing to homeschool their children every year. In fact, the top six reasons given, in order are:

  1. God and religion taught along with academics

  2. Avoiding school violence

  3. Providing a better education

  4. Health and welfare of the student

  5. Allowing the child to work at his or her own pace

  6. Family convenience

It’s a trend that’s becoming more and more popular – mainly because it does seem to produce highly educated adults in the long run. But is homeschooling right for everyone? Perhaps it is! Well for the moment it is!

You Want The Best For Your Students – Right?

Who knows them better than you do? Their parents were their first teacher after all. Why shouldn’t they continue to be their teacher? If it’s financially possible for them to stay home and school their children and they want to, there’s no reason they shouldn’t. So where do they start?


Start Here! Right Now!

My book, “Home School Professor” is the answer to every teacher prayers who is considering helping parents homeschooling their children during these hard times. Let’s be honest, no-nonsense, easy-to-read manual with all the information you could want to get started educating the student at home.

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