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Force Majeure or Not?

According to my employer,government, and the China Ministry of Education there are new terms, e.g., waiver, addendums, and an official notice to the old contract that makes it null and void if I don’t sign. Forced out of my contract to sign a new contract with new terms just to get paid today? What?! The Chinese Ministry of Education and CCP are not compensating teachers or educators on lecture, housing nor base salary if I’m not in Shenzhen before March 10th . 😱 That’s the problem!

I’m being replaced by a younger female teacher.

I’m being replaced by a younger female teacher. I must be in my residence or no pay. Oh but there’s more.

And until further notice or until I sign a these waivers stating I will work for FREE 😆 — extra days (one day on weekends) and into the months of June and end of July (Summer vacation one month) I will not receive any compensation (past of present) for 45 days. And clock in everyday to track my location using DingTalk. 😳 But there’s mor!

Withholding base salary until I come back and stay in quarantine for 14 days to the middle of April in my apartment. Consequently it is not wise until CORVID-19 peaks to travel back at this time — delayed further into May 2020. And since the WHO, the CD, Philippines airlines and government dictate how and when I will travel, not CIPTC, Chinese government, or the Ministry of Education I can make a rational decision to place myself at risk of the Wuhan Corona Virus in China.

I will stay put until further notice. Signing a waiver, addendumS, and notice of change to work for free is for the birds. I would place myself in a vacarious situation, partially due to not fulllfilling obligations , paid months of backed base salary, lecture, and housing. Furthermore The same day I was outsted from my School and employer CIPTIC “last week”

I was told by the head English teacher that April 1st would be the first day of school. The employer said it was based on frivolous, erroneous accusations of being old, male, and too demanding on my students. 😆 I would have to say that I saw this coming a mile away based on living in China. At least I have memories: video’s, pictures, letters, school sweaters, letters from students, tea set from the head master and mugs and flowers from the teachers alike, of the past five months — I am happy! I look back and know I have fullfilled my job as a teacher. So please let me know if things change by posting your stories, otherwise I will take this opportunity and say it was a pleasure working with everyone I will miss the kids and many of the CIPTIC staff members. Today I look back and realize it’s not an easy job, to leave off on good terms which is never on the horizon with Chinese institutions or authorities. In the meantime I will try to sign in and off everyday on DingTalk to be tracked by the Ministry of Education until I hear back. Any recruiters in japan or Singapore please call.

Yours truly another under paid teacher that got bit again by greed! Tom

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