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First 36 Hours…

Everything went as scheduled. The flight on United at 9:00 AM was great. It felt like it took less time unlike the last two trips to China. Maybe it was losing my mind this time planning and trying to fit your whole life into two small suitcases that made it go fast.

I step off the plane and I was greeted by several hundred foreigners trying to cross the immigration line. It seemed like an endless buffet at a Chinese restaurant. (17.5 hours)

(That was the only 1/10 of the line 😂)

After making it through immigration I grabbed my baggage and headed through customs. Not having nothing to declare I made out of there alive. Just then I made the corner and saw another hundred people holding signs with names. Desperately looking for my name I finally came across a young woman holding my name “Thomasa Songer” in bold black letters. I knew then I was in China.

Then I spent another two hours riding home in traffic jam to unpack and finish an hour of school work due before midnight Central Standard Time. (24 hours)

(My first meal)

So in the last 36 hours of traveling I was able to get a Chinese mobile number, grab an internet connection, register for residence with the local Daxing police, unpack, sleep 5 hours, shop for essentials and eat some really great meals.

(Second meal)

I am extremely lucky. Thanks to a wonderful young lady named Evey at school at BostonIvy Education she made the transition seamless. The facilities here are brand new and have all the amenities of a four star hotel.

(My bedroom)

I’m able to grab a bus, Uber, rent a bike or walk 20 minutes to the nearest mall. It’s guard gated and even have a gym near by. I am looking forward to starting class on September 4th. Until then I have one week to explore, settle in, and enjoy the comforts of my new home. (36 hours later)

(Teachers lounge)

Come visit anytime!

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