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Experience, Degree or Certificate



Street or book smarts? Experience goes a long way when in comes to teaching. Especially in being paid for what you know and how to present it. Previous knowledge in coaching, instructing, teaching in any facet of life can give you that edge you need for landing a job in the private sector of teaching abroad. Its like being a blonde person who is a native in speaking English. Folks see it as experience which over rules education at time. But the government doesn’t see it as so.

College Degree

Have a BA/MA in any field of study will get you a better job with a stronger work visa, but your hours and pay will lack. According to my friends and associates in Asia having a college degree is having rank in a foreign country. So if your looking for a title instead of pay then having a degree is something to consider. But a person with a degree and no experience will not get the respect in the private sector i.e., companies, schools, camps, seniors, housewives and etc  Which brings me back to being politically correct.


There are many schools that offer certification for the many political means of teaching English ESL/TESOL. And spending the initial money and time to get it is well worth it. Will it increase your salary? Maybe a little. Will it land you that big position in the school? Probably not. but what it will do is offer you the practicum experience we all need to start teaching.

You cannot acquire experience by making experiments. You cannot create experience. You must undergo it .Albert Camus French existentialist author & philosopher (1913 – 1960)
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