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Don’t work in China!

CIPTIC and the Ministry of Education in China didn’t pay teachers according to their contract. The proclaimed “force majoure” in the contract relating back to the SARS epidemic was their excuse – unnatural causes. In fact it was just the opposite.

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China acted too slow and the addendums and waivers weren’t released in time. The communist party didn’t allow anyone to state it was a epidemic until January 22 when President Xi announced the lockdown of Wuhan China.

They tried to forced 350+ English teachers to sign an addendum and waiver stating additional hours had to be worked. How many? Over 240 hours all in total must be made up on weekend and in the summer. Additionally teachers must be in the providence after quarantine to be paid. It gets worse!

They pulled teachers from schools and placed them on temp status just in case they were out of the country. This allowed them to have an excuse to let them go or their work permits and visas to be revoked. This is just one scenario in four years while teaching in China. Their way or the highway. Do not teach in China.

Do NOT Teach English in China and Why EVERYONE Should Read This

Do NOT Teach English in China and Why EVERYONE Should Read This

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