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BOOK REVIEW: The Julia Rothman Collection: Farm Anatomy, Nature Anatomy, and Food Anatomy Paperback

Some children have a passion and deep love for topics like farm life, nature, and food. However, many children do not get the opportunity to visit places that help them expand this interest, especially those that live in urban areas. This is not the case when you have the Julia Rothman collection as they help bring the farm life, nature, food, and more into your home.

I like this book as it teaches the children a lot about farm, nature, food cultures from around the world. This collection comprises of 3 books that cover these three topics in great detail. I feel that they are jam-packed with information while being simple to read.

These books contain more illustrations than words, so even children as young as four years old can read. The best part about what I like is that it is entertaining for even children aged 10. It keeps them interested and engaged in the topic. This collection balances the amount of information it contains enough to be pertinent but not too much to feel overwhelming.

After using this book for a few months, I realized that this collection is truly worth its price. At only $30.49, the collection is affordable. Its great value that one collection can be passed down one generation to the next, so it is a good investment for the entire family. They are inexpensive while holding intriguing information worth much more than it's the retail price.

The illustrations that are in the book are of high quality, and I feel that they suit the theme of either nature, farm, or food. The illustrations are also visually appealing to their age group and beautifully put together. It introduces children to the world of anatomy in a simple way that they understand.

While I do not regret buying this collection, I like nature anatomy out of the three books. It teaches topics like botany, geology, astronomy, weather, zoology, and many more. If you find yourself incapable of easily experiencing nature, this book is meant for you. It gives readers of all ages a fantastic insight into aspects of the great outdoors.

If your child loves living the country life, this book is certainly for you as it includes a knot tying guide. It introduces your child to recipes and techniques like how-to-guide to dry-cure ham, freezer pickles, and many more.

If your child is intrigued by food and craves an imaginative interpretation of it, they will find many facts and fun with this collection. The book starts with an illustrated history of food and how it came about and ended with a tasting of global street food worldwide.

Written by Tom Songer, M.Ed. Curriculum Design, Instructor, and Author

About Julia Rothman

Julia Rothman is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. Her illustrations have appeared on a variety of things: wallpaper, stationery, subway posters, billboards, fabric and dishes. She has authored nine books and counting. Her books have been praised by the New York Times, the Atlantic, PBS News Hour, the Boston Globe and others. She has a lovely wheaten terrier named Rudy who keeps her company while she draws.

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