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A Vested Interest

The day a student gets the premise of a lesson or parody used to tell it is the best feeling shared by a teacher. It’s funny as well as extremely touching when you realized you made a small impact in a students life. The same echo is heard immersed in water when baptized or news that your going to be a father for the first time. Tremendously rewarding for everyone involved knowing someone is there to catch you.

Team building or mentoring is the nucleus of an individual to becoming successful. The individual student cannot be successful without the help of his or her peers, mentors, and/or instructors support. It is that support we need to succeed ourselves.

Whether in China or another country, a student must feel you must have a vested interest in their education. Too many times students are not fully appreciated for their achievements. So let’s celebrate. Celebrate with flowers, dinners, movies, or chocolates; giving a slight pat on the back will not do.

Then after the job is done, celebrate together. Recognize both sides. Take a day to build stronger employees or students each day.

Have fun and teach with passion.

Written by Tom Songer

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