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38 Tips & Secrets ZOOM ™ Teachers Guide 2020

Welcome to another ebook by the HomeSchool Professor. Inside are 38 features that include the newest security fixes, filters, lighting, reactions, noise cancellation privacy and control designs on presentations (August 2020) Hope you enjoy. If you know something I didn't add please drop me a message so i can add it quickly for the next teacher. 38 Tips to increase attendance, engagement, and academic scores with these strategies.

Video Instruction by ZOOM™ experts and teachers

Watch videos and learn how to use the latest ZOOM™ meeting features:

- Basic Set-up Functions

- Slides as a virtual background

- Adjust your lighting

- Adjust the amount of Touch Up My Appearance

- Add video filters

- Learn to Schedule Meetings

- More Emoji Reactions

- Set the amount of background noise suppression

- 5 Tips Teaching Online

- Privacy & Mute Tips

- Security Updates

- Video ZOOM™ Videoo Breakout Rooms

- List of Shortcuts

- ZOOM™ Like a Pro - Video with Hacks & Tricks

- Beauty Filter Instruction : )

- Basic to Advance Features

- Fun Stuff for Students

- Setting expectations online

- Record and Save Audio/Video Transcripts in Meeting

- Outschool for Kids (Virtual Camp)

- 9 Built In Tools for Engagement

- 5 Tips for Virtual Lessons

- Video on Increasing Engagement and Attendance

Sit back and read along while experts and myself show you everything you need to know to teach effectively using ZOOM™


In this book, you’ll get a comprehensive list of helpful learning tools, learn common benefits, peer reviewed research study (August 2020) as well some of the drawbacks of remote learning, and learn 150+ strategies & tools for keeping students engaged while remote. Enclosed is a recent study that found certain applications and strategies increase academic scores by 1.84 median score. These specific online tools used found to increase academic scores by 1.84, attendance by 78% and participation by 60% in online classrooms.

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