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11 Day Challenge – Speak without an accent!

Today and Everyday 8:30 AM EST Online

Join me every morning LIVE on Crowdcast™ brought to you by Patreon™.

The webinar will help non-native speakers of English learn to reduce their accent in 11 days.

Which American Accent Will This Book Teach Me?

You will learn to produce the standard American accent. Some people also call it “broadcaster English.” It’s the kind of standard, neutral speech that you hear on CNN and in educated circles.

How Should I Practice?

Listen to the recorded material over and over. You will hear words and sentences pronounced followed by a pause for you to repeat after the speaker. You may want to record yourself repeating so that you can compare your accent to the accents of the speakers on this audio. Then practice the new sounds in real-life situations.

Let’s get started!

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